In case of illness, dietology as well as TCM always recommend a special diet. The dietary recommendations are developed according to the rules of dietology (51 books) and TCM (54 books).

Motivating books with nutritional recommendations to support a prescribed regimen of beneficial nutrition. There are 51 books available for the various disease forms of dietology and 54 for TCM. For 6 cancers, the diet can support the affected organ and make the therapy more successful.   Amazon   BoD   Thalia






E001. Nutrition of the infant - baby food

E002. Nutrition during lactation

E003. Nutrition in old age

E004. Nutrition of children and adolescents

E005. Nutrition of athletes

E006. Nutrition with light wholefood

E007. Nutrition during pregnancy

E008. Nutrition with wholefood


Protein and electrolyte - kidneys

E009. (hemodialysis) dialysis treatment

E010. Acute renal failure

E011. Chronic renal insufficiency

E012. Nephrotic syndrome

E013. Kidney stones (nephrolithiasis)


Gastrointestinal tract - pancreas

E014. Acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)

E015. Chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)


Gastrointestinal tract - small intestine and large intestine

E016. Acute obstipation (constipation)

E017. Chronic obstipation (constipation)

E018. Colon irritabile

E019. Diverticulitis

E020. Acquired lactose intolerance (lactose malabsorption)

E021. Fructose malabsorption

E022. Glutensensitive enteropathy (celiac disease)

E023. Colectomy

E024. Short Bowel Syndrome


Gastrointestinal tract - liver, gallbladder, bile ducts

E025. Acute and chronic hepatitis (inflammation of the liver)

E026. Cholelithiasis (bile stones)

E027. fatty liver

E028. cirrhosis


Gastrointestinal tract - Stomach and duodenal intestine

E029. Acute gastritis

E030. Chronic gastritis

E031. Stomach bleeding

E032. Ulcus ventriculi and duodenal ulcer

E033. Condition after gastric surgery



Gastrointestinal tract - oral cavity and esophagus

E034. Stomatitis

E035. Esophageal carcinoma (esophageal cancer)

E036. Refluosophagitis (heartburn)


Special diseases

E037. Phenylketonuria (PKU)

E038. Rheumatic joint diseases



E039. Obesity (overweight)

E040. Diabetes mellitus

E041. Eating disorders (underweight)


Fat metabolism

E042. Hypercholesterolaemia (increased cholesterol level)

E043. Hepatic Encephalopathy


Heart and circulation

E044. Arteriosclerosis (arterial calcification)

E045. Heart insufficiency

E046. Hypertension

E047. Hyperuricaemia and gout


Changed nutrient requirements 

E048. In case of fever

E049. For malignant diseases

E050. After burns

E051. Radiation and chemotherapy



E100. Pancreatic cancer

E101. Bladder cancer

E102. Blood cancer (leukemia)

E103. Breast cancer

E104. Colorectal cancer

E105. Gastric cancer

E106. Kidney cancer


Over 3000 years of experience, especially in chronic diseases, are the basis. The therapies are often started on a previous organ in the regulatory circuit to strengthen the affected organ.


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


E200. Bladder - moisture heat in the bladder 

E201. Bladder - moisture and cold in the bladder 

E202. Bladder - emptiness and cold in the bladder

E203. Large intestine - external cold affects the large intestine 

E204. Large intestine - moisture heat in the large intestine

E205. Large intestine - heat blocks the intestine II acute

E206. Large intestine - dryness of the colon

E207. Large intestine - Yang deficiency (cold)

E208. Heart - Blood insufficiency

E209. Heart - Blood stagnation

E210. Heart - Fire

E211. Heart - Hot mucus clogs the heart pores - not published - download free

E212. Heart - Cold mucus clogs the heart pores - not published - download free

E213. Heart - Qi deficiency

E214. Heart - Yang deficiency

E215. Heart - Yin deficiency

E216. Liver - Ascending Liver Yang

E217. Liver - Blood deficiency

E218. Liver - Blood stagnation

E219. Liver - Moisture heat in liver and gall bladder 

E220. Liver - Fire

E221. Liver - Gall bladder Qi-Empty 

E222. Liver - Cold in the liver meridian

E223. Liver - Qi stagnation 

E224. Liver - Wind 

E225. Liver - Wind with ascending liver Yang

E226. Liver - Wind with blood anemic

E227. Liver - Wind with extreme heat

E228. Lung - Qi deficiency 

E229. Lung - Mucus-moisture in the lungs

E230. Lung - Mucus-heat in the lungs

E231. Lung - Mucus-cold in the lungs

E232. Lung - Dryness of the lungs

E233. Lung - Wind-heat attacks the lungs

E234. Lung - Wind-cold affects the lungs

E235. Lung - Yin deficiency

E236. Stomach - Bloodstagnation 

E237. Stomach - Fire

E238. Stomach - Cold with liquid

E239. Stomach - Nutrition stagnation

E240. Stomach - Qi deficiency

E241. Stomach - Rebellious Qi

E242. Stomach - Yin Emptiness

E243. Spleen - Heat and moisture attack the spleen

E244. Spleen - Coldness and moisture affects the spleen

E245. Spleen - Qi deficiency

E246. Spleen - Qi deficiency + Declining spleen Qi

E247. Spleen - Qi deficiency + spleen does not control the blood

E248. Spleen - Yang deficiency

E249. Kidney - Heart and kidney no longer communicate

E250. Kidney - Jing deficiency

E251. Kidney - Kidneys cannot receive the Qi

E252. Kidney - Qi is not stable

E253. Kidney - Yang deficiency

E254. Kidney - Yin deficiency