The following recipes are the basis for some dishes in the books. The contents of the trace elements are only displayed for relevant diseases.


Basic recipe for a duck broth

Basic recipe for a fishbroth

Basic recipe for a vegetable soup, nutritious

Basic recipe for a chicken broth worming

Basic recipe for a reissue soup (Congee)

Basic recipe for a beef broth (clear)


Basic recipe for a duck broth

Forcing spleen, strengthens blood, supports urination, reduces blood pressure, bactericide, strengthens immune system, prevents cancer, reduces radiation damage.

Cooking time approx.2-3 hours / Calories p. portion: 61 / 6 portions / Allergens: L

(carbohydrate:22% / protein & fat:78%)

100g.≈ protein 10,16g.  fat:4,86g.    µg. - Ph:1,63 Na:1,95 Ka:5,7 Mg:0,3 Ca:1,1 Fe:0,03 Zn:0,01 Col.:0,77 uric acid:2,29 

Water  2 cup /  450g.

Duck (slaughtered)  1/4 lbs - 4oz /  100g.

Duck (heart)  5/8 oz /  200g.

Carrot  2 pieces /  100g.

Celery root  1/2 piece /  600g.


Cook duck pieces with vegetables for 2-3 hours. Sift broth through a fine sieve and refrigerate for later use.

The innards can be reused: You cut them finely and leaves them for a few minutes with fresh vegetables in the broth draw. Sprinkle with parsley before serving.

Basic recipe for a fish broth

Strengthens the kidneys, Promotes watering, reduces blood pressure, bactericide, strengthens immune system, prevents cancer, reduces radiation damage, low in cholesterol and protein rich, improves blood circulation, increase appetite.

Cooking time approx.40 min / Calories p. portion: 128 / 5 portions / Allergens: DLO

(carbohydrate:34% / protein & fat:66%)

100g.≈ protein 9,81g. fat:5,2g. µg. Ph:14,91 Na:7,09 Ka:31,5 Mg:2,39 Ca:4,63 Fe:0,11 Zn:0,02 Col.:0,01 uric acid:11,94 

Celery root  1/4 lbs - 4oz /  120g. 

Peppercorns  3 pieces /  2g. 

Lemon  1/2 piece /  50g.

Bay leaf  2 leaves /  2g.

Carrot  2 pieces /  150g.

White wine  1/2 cup /  125g.

Fish pieces mixed (fresh water)  3/4 lbs /  300g.

Water  2 cup /  450g.

Olive oil  1 table spoon /  10g.

Leek  2 inches /  10g.  ( )


Fry celery, chopped carrots and leeks in olive oil, add bay leaf and peppercorns, add pieces of fish and sauté briefly. Add water, add little white wine or lemon. Simmer gently for 30 minutes. Skim off the resulting foam several times. In the end, sift the ingredients through a cloth.

Refrigerate for later use.

Basic recipe for a vegetable broth, nutrious

Reduces blood pressure, bactericide, strengthens immune system, prevents cancer, forcing spleen, dissolves stagnation, promotes weight loss. For immunodeficiency, high blood pressure, depressions, diabetes, diarrhea, reduces blood lipids.

Cooking time approx.2-3 hours / Calories p. portion: 48 / 5 portions / Allergens: L

100g.≈ protein 1,56g.  fat:1,31g. µg. Ph:4,86 Na:3,67 Ka:25,68 Mg:1,8 Ca:6,32 Fe:0,1 Zn:0,05 Col.:0 uric acid:2,78 

Parsnip  3/8 lbs - 6oz /  150g.

Carrot  3 pieces /  200g.

Water  3 cups /  650g.

Celery root  1 cup /  100g.

Lemon  1/2 piece /  25g.

Salt  1 pinch /  1g.

Juniper berry  6 pieces /  6g.

Onion white  1 piece /  60g.

Ginger fresh  1/2 teaspoon /  2g.

Olive oil  1 table spoon /  4g.

Bay leaf  2 leaves /  1g.

Thyme dried  1 pinch /  1g.

Lovage  1 table spoon /  3g.

Cut the vegetables into cubes.

Heat oil in hot pot, fry shortly onions and vegetables.

Add cold water, then add ginger, bay leaf and lemon juice.

Season with juniper, thyme and lovage. Cover for 2 - 3 hours on a low heat and simmer.

The used vegetables should be thrown away.

The basic recipe serves as a soup base and to refine vegetables, legumes or cereals.

If you want to eat vegetable soup immediately, add the desired vegetables half an hour before.

Refrigerate for later use.

Basic recipe for a chicken broth worming

Strengthens blood, strengthens bone marrow, reduces blood pressure, bactericide, strengthens immune system, prevents cancer, reduces radiation damage, promotes sweating, dissolves stagnation, loss of appetite, flatulence.

Cooking time approx.2-3 hours / Calories p. portion: 90 / 9 portions / Allergens: L

(carbohydrate:10% / protein & fat:90%)

100g.≈ protein 15,68g. fat:11,56g. µg. Ph:0,86 Na:0,59 Ka:1,87 Mg:0,13 Ca:0,38 Fe:0,01 Zn:0 Col.:0,25 uric acid:0,92 

Leek  1 stick /  45g.

Carrot  2 pieces /  150g.

Water  4 cup /  900g.

Bay leaf  3 pieces /  2g.

Chicken meat  1/2 piece /  600g.

Fenugreek  (Trigonella foenum-graecum)  1 teaspoon /  2g.

Ginger fresh  2 slices /  2g.

Juniper berry  1 teaspoon /  3g.

Celery root  1 piece /  500g.


Remove chicken parts from fat. Place chicken pieces in a saucepan with hot water and bring to a boil briefly, skimming any resulting foam. Add coarsely chopped vegetables and all spices and cook over medium heat for 2 to 3 hours. Strain the finished soup. Throw away vegetables and bones.

Tip: If you want to use the meat as a soup insert, take out after 45 minutes and return only the bones in the soup.

Refrigerate for later use.

Basic recipe for a reissue soup (congee)

Low fat content, for the drainage of the body overweight and high blood pressure.

Cooking time approx.2-4 hours / Calories p. portion: 140 / 3 portions / Allergens: -

(carbohydrate:90% / protein & fat:10%)

100g.≈ protein 2,96g. fat:0,48g. µg. Ph:1,95 Na:0,19 Ka:1,67 Mg:1,14 Ca:0,57 Fe:0,01 Zn:0,02 Col.:0 uric acid:2,11 

Rice variety any  1 cup /  120g.

Water  6 cups /  700g.



Cook rice and water in a ratio of about 1: 6. The amount of water determines the thickness of the mash (matter of taste).

Put the rice in a saucepan with a heavy lid. It is important to simmer the rice after a short boil on the slightest flame, otherwise it burns.

Boil the rice for 2-4 hours. The longer he cooks, the more he strengthens.

If you want to eat the dish for breakfast, you can put the rice on just before bedtime.

To be on the safe side, you should first check the behavior of your pot and cooker under observation for a similar amount of time, so that nothing burns.

Refrigerate for later use.

Basic recipe for a beef broth (clear)

Strengthens muscles, tendons and bones, reduces blood pressure, bactericide, strengthens immune system, prevents cancer, reduces radiation damage, stimulates digestion, reduces pain, promotes digestion, diuretic. Rosemary stimulates digestion.

Cooking time approx.4-8 hours / Calories p. portion: 114 / 10 portions / Allergens: O

(carbohydrate:22% / protein & fat:78%)


100g.≈ protein 12,22g. fat:4,09g. µg. Ph:0,51 Na:0,31 Ka:1,34 Mg:0,11 Ca:0,25 Fe:0,01 Zn:0,01 Col.:0,14 uric acid:0,36

Quantity of ingredients

Water  3,3 lbs /  1300g.

Ginger fresh  1/2 teaspoon /  5g.

Lovage  1 stem /  15g.

Beef soup meat  1,1 lbs /  500g.

Leek  1 piece /  200g.

Carrot  3 pieces /  210g.

Rosemary  1 pinch /  1g.

Pimento  6 pieces /  12g.

Beef meatbones  5/8 oz /  200g.

Anise (Common Fennel)  2 pieces /  1g.

Parsnip  2 pieces /  300g.

Salt  1 teaspoon /  5g.

Juniper berry  8 pieces /  6g.

Vinegar (Red wine vinegar)  1 dash /  3g.

Clove  2 pieces /  2g.

Cooking instructions:

Bring water, a dash of red wine vinegar, some juniper berries, a little rosemary, bones and meat to a boil; add carrot, parsnip, leek, ginger, lovage, clove, allspice, star anise and a little salt; simmer for 4-8 hours then strain.

Refrigerate for later use.

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