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Through my illness in 2003, I started to become interested in nutritional methods. The project began by programming a database, which serves TCM nutritionists as a knowledge collection and consulting support. Since I got to know the dietology through my illness, the database was extended with a dietologist. Dietologists, doctors and hotel companies use the database. Again and again, I was approached to the treatment lists, which could produce the database and decided to launch them as books. It is a pleasure for me if you can find your nutritional path and thus contribute to the recovery.


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I visited a technical school for wood, metal and stone sculpture in Hallein near Salzburg. I worked as a stonemason. In the evening I attended a semester school, where I learned the electronic data processing. I worked at Fernwärme Wien as a computer technician and then at a private company as IT manager and responsible for PR and marketing. An illness brought me to the IV pension.


I like hiking in the mountains and paddle with my Canadian on lakes or quiet rivers. I volunteer to accompany people who are sick or in difficult life situations. My garden gives me a good balance and offers me healthy food and herbs. My spiritual experiences complement me

About nutribook

In case of illness, dietology as well as TCM always recommend a special diet. The EBNS dietary recommendations are developed according to the rules of dietology (51 books) and TCM (54 books). Motivating books with nutritional recommendations to support a prescribed regimen of beneficial nutrition. It describes the disease, the syndromes, the therapeutic strategy with the relevant recipes, the basics of nutrition and the handling of foods and herbs. The grocery lists are divided into the categories "recommended" to "not use" and show those affected which groceries to buy. All contributions have been carefully researched and reviewed by professional consultants.


You can find my books at www.ebns.at, in bookstores and in most bookstores.


Nutritional counseling can save a lot of time if patients can already take individually prepared prescription and grocery lists home as information material. The books with recommendations for the accompaniment of cancer therapy (7 books) also motivate those affected to actively participate in the therapy.


Personalized nutrition:

If a patient has multiple illnesses, personalized books or lists can be developed. If a patient has a major disease, but also needs to be aware of diabetes and gastritis, only prescriptions and grocery lists will be displayed that are helpful for all illnesses. If you want such personalized books or therapy lists, please contact me.